Gorgeous? Says who?

"You are gorgeous" are not words I hear everyday. After several times in the span of a week, I couldn't ignore it as a fluke.

No one would confuse me with Giselle. What's this about?

My limited modeling experience aside...any compliment is about more than the words themselves. There is also the meaning instilled by the speaker, and the one assigned by the listener.

I wrote previously about the concept of receiving. In order to get what you want, you have to be able to recognize it and receive it when it happens.

Compliments are one example—I have caught people literally waving their hands, in essence pushing kind words away from them. What would happen if they sat still and let in what they heard?

I'm afraid that my complimenters are right.

I may be attractive—in the physical sense, and also in the energetic one. Like a tractor beam, I draw people to me for conversation in social settings, for networking and more. It's pretty powerful.

What happens if they are right? Suddenly, I'm vulnerable.

Deep down I hope they are right and it scares me. If I take in and believe a big compliment, it sets me up to be hurt if they are really joking. Worse yet, if it is true, then I have to live up to it!

If I choose not to believe it, there is no possible chance to get hurt. There is also no possible chance of being appreciated, wildly success and living as my full self.

That means, I'm hiding from what could be my greatest gift.

If any of this rings true for you, I'd love to hear about it. What makes you uncomfortable about compliments? What are you hiding from?


Ms Gorgeous