How I Simply Leaped

I often describe the subtle shifts and outright leaps I make in my own life. Now it's your turn. Introducing the September blog series: How I Simply Leaped.

Please share the moments that changed your life.

  • Did you set your mind to change, then see it through?
  • Were you taken by surprise, and made the best of it?
  • Did you jump in with both feet not knowing what might happen?
  • Even better, are you leaping right now?

Outrageous stories aren't required. I believe there are two definitions of Simply Leap.

"The company name, Simply Leap, is about these shifts. Sometimes it's a huge step into the unknown. Usually, it's altering how you think and your view of what's possible."

In my view, leaping can be dramatic, or a series of intentional steps you take towards making a change. Sometimes the change at the end is inevitable, and doesn't even seem like a leap except when you see the bigger picture of who you've become over a year or ten.

Both of those leaps are meaningful and motivating. If you had-no-idea-I'd be-here-now, chances are we all want to hear about it. I know I do.

Talk about the struggle, the failure, the triumph and what you never guessed you'd learn from the experience.

If you want to write for the blog series, contact me, or simply comment to this post.

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