I feel less alone

  I hear those words a lot. My clients carefully consider decisions, conscientious about how their actions will affect their future and their loved ones.

When they are unsure about making a career leap, it can get pretty loud and lonely on the inside of their heads.

It makes sense then that as we begin our work together they sound RELIEVED.

"I don't have to figure it out all by myself."

"This doesn't sound crazy? I don't sound crazy!"

"This is easier than I worried it would be."


Today's #FridayClientStory is about the relationship forged with my clients when they face the unknown, and finally have someone along for the ride with them.

Our first session is a chance for us to build a foundation for how we'll work together, and what we can expect from each other. Imagine if every relationship in our lives could begin this way!

I ask them: What are you bringing to our coaching relationship?

After they respond, I give my own answer. Though on future calls I don't share as much, it's important during the first one for you to know who you're working with. I'm a coach, and also a lifelong-leaper. You get both.

What do I bring?

My answer is a story.

Many years ago, I took a personality test (I'm a sucker for those!) and it said that I like to drive a different way home every day. Of course I do, I thought, and then realized maybe not everyone does.

You see, I really, really like driving and walking down streets and paths where I haven't been before. In the days before GPS I would get lost often, probably 40% of the time I was in the car, and most of it was because I saw a road and wanted to know where it went.

So I'd take it.

Sometimes I would get lost, and other times I would find a shortcut or discover a park I hadn't known about. When that happened it felt like I had uncovered buried treasure. Giant spring in my step for the rest of the day.

That's what I do for my clients. When you call me, you're somewhere you haven't been before. It's new, or uncomfortable, or both, and you don't know what to do about it -- which can also feel new and uncomfortable.

I am totally okay with new and uncomfortable! In fact, according to this personality test, I seek it out.Client Story - Photo Story

What clients get by working with me is someone in it with them. I'm right there with you the whole time. Listening for what you really want, and believing that you deserve it and that it's possible to get it.

And if we get lost?

I know there is a way out, or even a shortcut to get where we're going.

No matter what happens, you will feel less alone.

Since beginning the Friday Client stories, people have complimented this photo.

The bright sunny day, puffy clouds and lush green hillside. I captured it in one of my favorite parks, Burger Hill in Rhinebeck, NY, about 15 minutes from my home.

What makes the photo so compelling, to me anyway, is the two people in it.

That's you and me.

We are figuring this out together.

What a relief, and what a fun trip.