I think I can. I think… I can.

I love childhood references. I find them one of the easiest ways to take me out of my head figuring things out, and into seeing a fresh perspective on my life and what I want.

Life can be fun. It's all about what you choose to look at.

Like The Little Engine That Could. Reading the words, "I think I can," immediately brings to my mind a cartoon train and the chugga-chugga-choo-choo sound.

Let's take those words apart for a minute.

I think...I can. What I think is possible, is possible.

If you're saying, Duh, you're right. It is pretty obvious.

So, why don't we believe it?

Think of a time in your life when you felt confident, and succeeded as a result. Maybe you made a tough decision and knew it was right in your gut. Maybe you hit one out of the ballpark, even though others didn't see how that was possible.

Your success had everything to do with your belief in yourself.

And it does now too.

If you want to commit to your health, eat better, exercise more, make and save money - the first step is to BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE.

I know it is, and my DC Fit Week colleagues know it is, but we don't matter if you don't believe it yourself.

Right now, folks, you are that little engine. His lesson is just as applicable today as it was when we were five. Take the first step.

This moment:

  • I Think: Decide what you want and see how very possible it is for you to get it.
  • I Can: Notice how it starts to happen. All those little successes add up to the one you really want. See it. Believe it.


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