Introducing FotoFriday

I'm launching a new feature today called:  FotoFriday. I'll share a great photo I found, or pass along one you share with me.

Why? Because sometimes what's not said is more compelling than what is.

I hope the Hug Wall proves that. Every photo on there tells us something important about the people pictured. Who they are and how they feel about the person they're with.

The same is true for our interactions at home and work. Our facial expressions and body language speak as much, if not more, than the words we say. I hope FotoFriday is a helpful reminder to notice the messages you are sending, and what others are sending back.

Today's FotoFriday is from Buzz Feed's "35 Incredibly Powerful Hugs."

They deliver on that title. All of the hugs featured are powerful in their own way.

This spoke to me, because of how quiet a moment it seems. A young girl and her kitten.

I felt the sweet innocence and tenderness shared between them. Then I looked beyond the cute hair ties and soft cat paws to see where this hug took place...

What does this photo say to you?