Pre-order my new book!

It's probably the cupcake on the cover that has me so excited. 

Okay a little more than that. It's the thought of this sprinkle-laden book finally in your hands. I'll let the back cover tell you more about it...

"Dream careers. Cross-country moves. Magical coffee shops. Lauree Ostrofsky's clients have created lives more amazing than they ever thought possible. Their journeys involved tough roadblocks too. Doubt and fear making even small steps feel challenging. They moved past these by being kinder to themselves, worrying less and trusting their instincts more. In each of their stories shared here, there were moments of surprise and sheer delight when just what they were hoping for finally happened.

Now it’s your turn. Through this behind-the-scenes look at leaps-in-process, you’ll learn the seven lessons you need to create a life you love and enjoy the crap out of getting there!"



In a word, this book is about reinvention. It was written with you in mind using the stories of the brave soul searchers and hard working A-students who leaped before you so you can lean on them now as you begin your own search.

So you know you are never alone.

Each of us has moments when we worry if we'll be stuck forever. The ones who reach their dream goals find a sign they need to keep going.

Oh what happened when these clients did! They felt more loved by the people in their lives, more appreciated at work, more at ease with who they are and more able to be themselves all the time.  

They also scored new careers, marriages, babies, and trips of a lifetime!

This book will take you through Seven Lessons they used to figure out what they wanted, and how to get it. Each chapter explains the lesson, illustrates it using a story from one of my clients through the years, and offers assignments for you to apply it in your life right away. 


BONUS: Peek at a Free Chapter!

Want a sneak peek at the new book before anyone else?

Everyone in my community receives one whole chapter to get your started right away simply leaping and loving the crap out of your life. Grab your copy here!


Because what else do you need when you're leaping? Someone encouraging you to keep at it! 

This little audio recording is me cheering you on from the sidelines, pom poms in hand. Play it while sitting in your car before a meeting with your boss, or while you're curled up on the couch after a rough day. Use it all the time and share it with friends who need a pep talk, too.

When your pre-ordered book arrives in your mailbox, the Pep Talk love will arrive in your email inbox.  


Pre-ordering the book before December 7 also puts you in the running for one of FIVE live pep talk slots. It's the only way to get one! That means any time you need an extra push to be scared and do it anyway, I could be right there with you on the other side of the phone.

Twenty minutes of us getting you confident and ready to leap, absolutely free. 


I can't wait to share these lessons and inspiring stories with you, and help you get all the sprinkles, sparkles and cupcakes of life you so richly deserve. 

SIMPLY LEAP starts shipping in early December. If you want your copy in the very first shipment (plus the pep talk and the chance to win one of five live ones!), click below.

This could be just what you've been waiting for to create a life you'll truly love.