Simply Hug: Like-you-mean-it

Hi, my name is Noe, and I'm a hugger. Guest post by Hug Tour Ambassador and photographer, Noe Todorovich.

I think a lot of it stems from being born and raised in Hawaii. The culture there is so warm, and a hug paired with a kiss on the cheek is the standard greeting...even for people you are just meeting for the first time.

I moved away from the islands in 2000 for college then transitioned to living in DC. While I've been gone over a decade, it's still a large part of who I am. Although, I must say that I have scaled back the kiss on the cheek part of the greeting process as it seems to be received a little differently here. ;)

There are times when all I want to do is hug someone.

Not just anyone, but someone. Someone who means a lot to me. Someone who needs it. Someone who I want to comfort.

Hug Tour has helped encourage me to do just that. What I already do, but in a more thoughtful way. Making sure that I hug like I mean it. Because I mean it.

Recently someone I work with experienced a death in the family. This amazing, strong woman came over and told a few of us very plainly, "My mother died."

We all got up and moved toward her and then stopped. We stood a few feet away as she talked about what happened and what needed to happen now. She was going to stay at work as she could get more done here.

I stood incredibly uncomfortable struggling with my desire to just give her a hug and also fear that it wasn't work appropriate or that it would make her uncomfortable.

Remembering a conversation Lauree and I had about wanting to hug people who are clearly sad about something but not wanting to impose or infringe upon them, I realized I couldn't just let this pass and walk away.

When the conversation wrapped up, I took a deep breath and thought "Here goes, this may be awkward, but I have to."

I asked her, "Do you want a hug? I'd like to give you a hug but I know that hugs aren't for everyone but I just wanted to offer one in case you do."

She stood, turned and looked at me and said, "I love hugs. And I would love a hug." She walked over and we hugged.

That's what the hug tour is about to me. Moments when you hug like you mean it.

Sometimes these moments are incredibly happy, even blissful times. And sometimes they are moments when words just can't convey the comfort you long to provide.

I think in a way I've been on my own hug tour, just that it hadn't yet been defined, my whole life.

Now I'm surrounded by others who are also incorporating the hug tour idea into their lives.

And together we are making sure that hugs are readily available, hopefully, for anyone that wants one.

Thank you, Noe! Do you have a hug story to share?