Introverts can be funny

This was from my third-ever speech at the Ottobar for Ignite Baltimore. Five minutes to speak on whatever you want and I chose Deconstructing a Hug, including some demonstrations like this shot here while wearing a t-shirt that said, "Hug Like You Mean It." 


Not only did the rambunctious crowd erupt in hugs by the end (watch the video to see for yourself), someone called me a comedian.

Me, funny? I couldn't feel my feet the whole time.

I had practiced that five-minute speech for hours, how to phrase punch lines and when to pause in case anyone laughed. I didn't realize the work it takes to be funny but now have greater appreciation for people who get up there all the time. It's cool how many of the best comedians are introverts. 

This hug, which I also called the Herman Munster, still makes me smile. Don't give one of these by the way, okay? No one likes them. 

But do get on stage and do what feels out of your comfort zone, and beyond what anyone - including you - would ever think you were capable of. 

You are capable.

You are brave.

You are funny. Really!

If you've been sitting on an idea for a while, worried that maybe now isn't the right time or maybe you don't know enough yet (you can never know enough, it's the oldest Fear trick in the book), get yourself out there. 

I'm happy to help.

Schedule a free consultation and we'll chat about your idea, helping you feel more confident and clear.

We can even come up with jokes for your first speech. I might still have a couple one-liners memorized! 


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