On the road again

Response to my new book, SIMPLY LEAP, has been overwhelming. Thank you for your kind emails and Amazon reviews, and for sharing this book with the people you care about most. It means a lot.

And all the building positive momentum has me on the cusp of my next leap! I'm on the road again, coming to cities near you and your loved ones. I would LOVE to meet in person!

New book tour and speaking dates have just been posted on my website, including: 

  • Denver, Austin and Dallas at the end of the month
  • Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie, NY on April 8 (!!!) 
  • Washington, DC also in April in addition to other fun stops

I'm also scheduling virtual book readings via Skype. If your book club wants to host a chat, I'd be thrilled to join you - wherever you are in the world! A recent one, hosted by wonderful women in Cape Cod, even included cupcakes! 

Something tells me I'm not the only one in new territory, trying things I've never done before, and being scared & doing it anyway.  

I bet YOU are on the cusp of a leap this spring, too.

What are you scared-excited-scared about & doing anyway? How can I help you really go for it? 

Email me all about it! Leaping is always better with company.  

Hope to see you soon, in person and in my email inbox.