Worried you'll get it wrong?

Ever worry you'll make the wrong choice?

Disappoint the people whose opinions matter most?

Regret...everything...and be unable to do anything about it? 

It's impossible.

Every step you take brings you closer to your goals, crosses paths with someone who can help, and makes you smarter & braver than you were before. And sometimes all of this comes from what seems like a "wrong turn" that sends you in the opposite direction you meant to go.

At this point in the new year you probably hit a couple milestones toward the big goals you set for yourself - if so, congratulations! You probably also bumped up against roadblocks and naysayers and inner critics telling you to back off. It's too soon. You're not ready. You set the bar too high and might fail so embarrassingly you'll never be able to recover. 

I can't be the only one hearing those! 

It's what be scared & doing it anyway is all about. 

No matter what those voices in your head and people in your life are saying, keep going. You're on the right track; something worthwhile will come from your consistent (albeit fear-filled) effort. 

Very likely the result will be more amazing than you ever imagined.

Let's go after your big goal together!

Surrounded by an intimate circle of women from around the country being scared & doing it anyway together. Building incredible businesses that serve their communities, support their families, and prove all the naysayers wrong.

Career Clarity & Community for Women in Business will begin on Monday, February 5 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern and help you bravely leap for FOUR whole months. Videos, worksheets, accountability and support from others right where you are. 

Only three spots are left. Is one of them yours?  

Pull up a chair

If we've worked together, you may have visited my living room before...

At the beginning of every workshop or group call, I ask participants to imagine we are seated in an intimate circle at the center of a living room space. Our comfortable, oversized chairs in this circle are arranged close enough so we can hear what is said, and with enough room for anything else we brought with us -- excitement, curiosity, the questions we want to answer, or the goal that propelled us to seek out this circle in the first place.

Some things you're asked to set aside upon entering, similar to slipping off your shoes when you get home. These include what happened before you arrived and what is going on after you leave us. This is an opportunity that you created to be present with yourself, to hear your own voice, and to be there for everyone else who is gathered. 

Once we're all assembled, our time together officially begins. 

Consider yourself officially invited into this circle among likeminded individuals who want to make the most of their lives and truly love what they do every day. 

Several are already seated in our living room, and were posed the same questions you will be as you join. What do you uniquely bring to all of us, and what's your comfy chair? Here are their answers:


Colleen MacDonald

Colleen joined in March to envision Simply Leap bigger and bolder than ever before with a new marketing and business plan. You can tell how perfect she is for our circle:

My first major leap was in 2007 when I decided to join the Peace Corps and found myself in a small village in the mountains of Azerbaijan. Years ago, knowing my path would never be linear gave me cause for shrinking from my strengths - now this knowledge brings me power and assurance.
When it comes to long conversations, I’d choose a plush red arm chair sitting on top of a woven carpet from Azerbaijan.

Emma Flynn

Emma is a creative, enthusiastic A-student from way back. In addition to what she's up to behind the scenes as our Impact Master (we had fun brainstorming titles!), she also works with non-profits and social enterprises, and on community revitalization efforts in upstate New York. She says... 

I'm thrilled to pull up my big red velvet bean bag chair, and bring colorful comfortable socks, notebook and felt-tipped pen, and goat cheese stuffed dates to go around the circle!!! I look forward to learning your leap stories, dismantling my fears, and having fun! There are dance parties to be had - can't wait!  

Leigh Baumann

Leigh is a talented graphic designer who also dabbles in marketing, social media management and photography...and she is good at all of it! She put the finishing touches on our new website that made it p-o-p. More about her:

I bring a love for plants and animals [including her dog, Ruby!] and colors and textures - especially those found in nature - and an overall eye for detail and beauty.
Can I sit on the floor in the living room?

Haha, you bet!


Erica Leaman

Erica is the heart-centered wedding and portrait photographer behind the new shots of me on the website. The moment we met, I could feel the love shining right out of her, and you can see it in what she shares about our circle too:

I think I bring the power of connection. I have often craved connection with others, and have only recently come to the conclusion that I am built exactly for what I am pursuing through my photography -- loving on others through connecting with them and showcasing their energy and emotion through images and art. I hope that makes sense! My clients have my whole heart from the moment they first contact me. :) 


Alison Wilkes

Alison turned her design and project management eye on Simply Leap and envisioned that our shiny new online home could be clean, bright, approachable and succinct. You can see her touches everywhere as a result.

And the homey setting of my new portraits? Her homey home! Maybe it's her living room that we all are gathered in together. She has this geometrically patterned sofa that I imagine her relaxing on cross-legged with all of us. 


Please take a seat! It is fantastic to include your unique energy and way of seeing the world in our circle.  Now that you've learned about everyone else, we'd love to hear about you.

Go on over to our private Facebook group and introduce yourself. Tell us:

  • What do you bring to our living room circle?
  • What is your comfy chair like? 

I'll introduce myself, too. Picking out my favorite chair right now...

See you there!