The World & I: Color Outside the Lines

In 'Color Outside the Lines' in The World & I, Handan T. Satiroglu uncovers tips for rekindling our creativity:

Break out of your routines

Sometimes all it takes to give your creativity a nudge is to break out of your hard-wired habits. I spoke with Dr. Benjamin Olshin and Lauree Ostrofsky, Communications Consultant and Certified Professional Coach on ways to incorporate a few tactics into our daily routine to shake-up creativity. Their suggestions? Get off the beaten track.

  • Take a different route to work for the varied "geographical experience." The alertness you'll need to navigate will open up new mental pathways.
  • Take a step back in time to recall favorite childhood activities or foods. In the process, get a renewed sense of wonder about the world around you. Indulge in a double-scoop ice cream cone or get your face painted.
  • Experiment with a new style and clothes to bring a new sense of the self.
  • Challenge yourself to buy one item you've never purchased before when you go to the market. A new ingredient for a novel dish, or a brand that sounds unique—anything that's new to you.
  • Visit your local bookstore to burrow books on subjects you haven't visited before. It's refreshing and sparks up new ideas.