This could be your life

You have the power to create a happy, fulfilling, expansive life. It's not rocket science. It's mindset.

Here's what I mean...


One of my all-time favorite client success stories is about someone I worked with two years ago. She loved her life in South Florida, her boss, her job, her home, but as time went by it became clear that she was meant to be on the west coast with her family.

She felt what many of us do when we can't make up our minds.

A couple of her core values seemed to be in conflict. She believed that she couldn't have her great life in South Florida, and be near her loved ones at the same time. It seemed like she had to choose one or the other, and the thought of that sent her in circles.

Seemed is the important word. What often gets in the way are our self-imposed limits on what's possible.

Logistically I could see her point. You can't be on both coasts at the same time without racking up serious airline miles, which she was. But everything she wanted was within reach. She just didn't know yet how those pieces fit together.

That's where we began. Six months later, guess where she was?

California.Ocean City clouds

Lots of surprising turns happened to make that cross-country move a reality. One was that her boss found ways for her to continue working with their organization while making local connections in her new city. Even making introductions on her behalf.

You read that right. Her boss helped her move.

That wasn't what my client imagined would happen at the beginning, mind you. She thought her boss would be the last person she told, and braced herself for potentially losing their friendship in the process.

As things started to happen during our work, more than once I heard these magical words: "You'll never believe what just happened!"

That is the short story -- the longer one involves her taking bubble baths to remember how much indulgence means to her and to mitigate stress; inventing another topic for her well-meaning family to discuss when she didn't have all the answers yet; and taking a 30-day break from her job search in order to let the leads she established fall into place.

We changed more than her coast or career: she now has a more expansive, purposeful, happy life.  

When I asked her to describe our coaching process, she said:


[box type="none"]"...A tailor-made, visionary space with a coach who breathes life into the process...

Lauree, I can't thank you enough. I still have moments of fear, albeit fewer than before, but I know I will leap anyway gosh-darnit! And I also have the belief that the universe is working with me on this!"[/box]


Right now, this very moment, you have the power to create the life you've been waiting for. It begins and ends with what you think is possible.

If one person can do all of this in six months...

What's possible for you?