We need your love

Last week when I launched #LoveFestFriday I had big plans for today. I was going to open up my calendar and give away time to anyone who needs a pep talk. A few minutes on the phone before a big meeting. A quick email or text while you're waiting in the doctor's office.

But, then I looked at the calendar. September 11th is not the day to start that.

Don't worry, pep talks are still coming. If you need one I'm here, always. I hope you know that.

Today, I want instead to reflect on what this date means to me, and what it can mean for all of us.

Where I was 14 years ago, watching soot-covered strangers walk into the office where I worked, and watching my bosses open the door, offer them pizza and a safe place for as long as they needed to be there. How unable I was to speak or move, and how much these gestures of humanity have stayed with me.

Where I was one year ago, the day my mom was diagnosed with lymphoma. I can't believe one year later how healthy and happy she is. It didn't feel possible then. One year ago, I summoned whatever was in me to be there for her. Maybe I was channeling what I had witnessed all those years before.

You may have strong memories of your own that you need to take with you on a walk around the neighborhood, like I did this morning. Whatever you need to do for yourself, take the time. It's important.


When you're ready, here's what I want you to do for #LoveFestFriday:

Send your love and light out into the world.


Whatever that means to you, please do it. We need it.

While you're taking a deep breath for yourself, take another for someone, somewhere who could use one.

Look a stranger in the eye, and really see them.

Smile when you're by yourself, and imagine it spreading into every corner of the world.

Our thoughts are as vital as our actions, maybe more.

Take a few moments today in between whatever else you are doing, and send good things out to anyone who needs it. Someone in your life who you know is struggling, or offer it freely to anyone who might need it. Believe, as I do, that it will be carried through the wind and land on the perfect person.

[If that's too airy-fairy for you, that's fine too. Hug the next person you see. Totally acceptable, and equally needed.]

Sending my love and light to you, and hoping that when it comes your way you receive whatever you need from it.