What you miss when you're stressed

You are the most precious and delicate dream come true. I was stressed out in Italy during my vacation there last month. My stomach clenched as I worried we would be late for a show or miss our train or order the wrong thing at dinner and "miss our chance" to experience the perfect meal.

Five days into the trip I finally realized what I was doing. That realization didn't magically make it go away, but it did help me become more aware.

Awareness is important. Paying attention to how I hold my breath on the intake, clench my jaw even when something good is about to happen, means I have a choice how I take the next breath.

This beautiful flower I saw on probably our 10th day in Italy. I came back to it this morning, and saw each petal in a new way.

We are each this beautiful, this delicately intricate.

Do you see that when you look in the mirror to apply concealer?

Do you know that as you're rushing to work, to a meeting, to a soccer game, to run every errand on your list -- getting it all done "in time"?

I'm taking this moment, this breath, to see you. Your loveliness. And my own.

Please take moments today to enjoy your precious, delicate life.