When you want to walk away

Since my Leap Tour began on August 1, I've been traveling nearly non-stop from New York to Washington, D.C., Wisconsin, and Colorado, and back again. Right now I am literally back in Colorado three weeks after I was just here. During this adventure of meeting great people doing great things, I've had a few moments at the end of my rope.

During one, I was dragging my red roller bag through a subway turnstile, and then up two flights of stairs to the train. During rush hour. As commuters fast walked past me, I could feel their annoyance.

I wanted to leave the bag there, and just walk away.

Why am I doing this...for three months, maybe more?

At my book reading a few days later, I remembered the answer.

That night I shared with the audience the most important passage, from when I was 10 days into my third hospital stay.

Talk about the end of your rope.

Back then I would have gladly carried that red suitcase up the stairs of the Empire State Building if it would have saved me from being where I was.

Hearing my own voice tell what happened in the ICU that day reminded me why I'm rolling this bag, and why I plan to keep doing it.



I'm here, because we can change our lives.

What you think about what's happening right now, what you think is possible, can dramatically affect what happens next.

I'm living proof.

If you feel at the end of your rope, know that there is always another way to see what's happening. A way that puts the power back in your hands.

Doing that allows you to choose why you're here, too, and live that way all of the time.

I will gladly roll my suitcase to a city near you. Upcoming stops:

Monday, Sep 16, Denver, CO:  Workshop and reading at the Denver Women's Press Club. It's free and open to the public. Details here.

Thursday, Sep 19, By phone:  Social Media Q&A for small businesses. This is a private call, but I'm happy to offer it to other groups if there is interest.

Friday, Sep 20, Rhinebeck, NY:  Book reading and pot luck dinner at the Pleasant Plains Presbyterian Church two hours north of NYC. To RSVP for this free event, contact Pat.

Saturday, Oct 5, Cleveland, OH:  Women's Retreat for Creativity & Connection. One whole day on the shore of Lake Erie. More information is here.


Why are YOU here?

Keep rolling...