You might be crazy if...

I could see this becoming a recurring column.

If you're this side of hypochondria like me, you might enjoy this article: "Insufferable Clinginess, or Healthy Dependence?" in the NY Times today. Enjoy...or drive yourself nuts.

By the fifth paragraph, I started thinking through my day—for example, the 10 instant messages I sent my husband most of which went unanswered. Either that means I'm too needy or he's just mean/busy. While I prefer to believe the latter, I had to keep reading the article to be sure.

And good thing I did. Seems they are talking about way crazier people than me. Phew! People that can't spend time alone, are dependent on other's opinions so much that they can't make decisions for themselves, and all the way to mutual dependence in abusive relationships. Dodged that bullet—now back to the IM. :)