Your story has a fairy godmother too

Who doesn't need a fairy godmother now and then? Good thing you have one.

You are your own fairy godmother when you decide to retell your story, and give yourself the happy ending you deserve.

We each get to tell our life story any way we want, though very few people actually do it.

They don't think they can, they are afraid to, or they don't realize they are living a story to begin with.

What does it mean to tell your story?

Things happen. When they do, we make up a reason for it, and everyone else in our life does too.

And when a story gets told about what just happened to you (whether you tell it or someone else does), you tend to believe it. So much so that you don't question its validity.

Retelling the story involves stepping out of what's been said, and seeing that you could just as easily tell it a different way.

I wrote last time about not listening to anyone until you are clear with yourself first. This is exactly what I meant.

You only have control over the story you tell. By all means make it a good one.

[Nerd alert. I love this line from Doctor Who.]

Pay attention to what is your story, and what is someone else's crowding your thoughts.

If you need some guidance on good storytelling, read what my friend Jenna said about her move to California. My book, I'm scared & doing it anyway, may help with that too.

There is a story you're telling yourself. Many stories in fact.

Imagine hearing your story being told aloud, or better yet find a quiet spot and say your story aloud so you can hear it.

I sometimes tell my houseplants.

Listen to the words you let yourself say about what's happening.

Do you like the story? Are you excited to hear what comes next?

If you aren't, then tell it again. Aloud. Tell it as if you're a princess and have a fairy godmother who just granted you a wish.

She's there, after all, in you. She wants the best to come your way. What you say about what's happening right now affects your ability to see the good when it does come.

Because it will.

It's your story, you get to tell it your way.