Four creative hugs in May

Welcome to June! Now let me tell you about May. Part 1

This year I've been giving big every month, turning what we think of as generosity up a notch.

Then I realized...GiveBig (as I was calling it) is no different than Hug Tour, which I launched last year. Both are about giving what you have to give generously.

[box type="none"]A hug in any form - a donation, a pep talk, or a tender squeeze - is saying you're important to me. I believe in you.[/box]

So from now on, this giving is an extension of Hug Tour.

I'm hugging whether I see you in person or not. I care about you and I want you to know in hundreds of ways.


Part 2

Now for the good stuff! A story in photos from my May (GiveBig) hug tour!

This year I've given $1000 to someone I believe in, a full day of my time, and asked you to give with me. In May I decided to thank four deserving people in my life for how much they give of themselves.


1) This guy had to be on my list.

Jan has been featured on my blog more than once. He is so generous with his time and energy, that once you're around him you want to do more yourself.

Case in point:  for his birthday he was in New Orleans repairing homes with St Bernard Project for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Oil Spill (and wearing his Hug Tour Ambassador t-shirt, I'm so proud).

At the same time, he hosted a virtual walk for friends to help him raise money to end homelessness.

That was what he wanted for his birthday, for us to help him help other people.

I donated and I hope you will too.


2) Surprises make hugging fun.

My friend Nadine shared her smile with friends and family around the world during April's (GiveBig) hug tour. At one point emailing a photo of her smiling along with a thoughtful note every 15 minutes. She touched a lot of lives, people who needed a smile to brighten their day, and old friends she had lost touch with and wanted to tell: I'm thinking about you.

She's a mom who works hard, sometimes putting herself last on her list.

I wanted to help her put herself first.

So...I sent her this through Paypal.

Free reign to spend frivolously in any way she'd like!


3) All you need is a dollar and a dream.

A few weeks ago, one of my clients said she wanted an office space outside her home in order to focus. Working at home myself, I understand how difficult it can be to maintain the line between your work and personal lives when your desk is always in the next room.

She knew the office space she wanted, and how much it cost, but didn't think it was feasible with her budget. Then she said:

I would rent the space if I won the lottery. But then I'd have to play the lottery, I guess!

So I sent her a pink envelope. In it was enough for one week of rent, plus one dollar for a lottery ticket to pay for the other 51 weeks.

I hope she wins!


4) Tiny tokens to spread around.

Kim is a social worker and friend who works with the Children's Law Center in Washington, DC helping young people navigate a system and life events that are tough for an adult to fathom.

Even when she talks about her toughest days, you can tell she feels good about the work she's doing, and knows she's making a difference.

She is.

I wanted to thank her for how much she gives, sometimes to complete strangers.

I Like U makes adorable puffy hearts to share with people you care about.

This is what they believe in. How great is that?

We're on a mission to put more like in the world, to say I Like U more often, and to mean it. Cause the more people say I Like U, the better this crazy world becomes.

I bought Kim a dozen puffy hearts to say I like you, and you're awesome.

I told I Like U what I was planning, and a big surprise to me...they doubled the order!

Two dozen puffy hearts is a lot of love to share for a lady who shares a lot of love.


It's June already!

May was so much fun! And with June here, a new hug tour is around the corner. Kim and I are teaming up for the biggest hug tour yet.

If you're in Washington, DC on Monday, June 18, we will be plotting a route through the city to hug friends and colleagues - at their offices, on their lunch breaks - and hosting a happy hour in Dupont Circle to continue the hugging.

If you want a hug on June 18, let us know!