Give up enough to give big

Heard about #GiveBig? It's a challenge to give what you have to give in the biggest way possible. In that spirit, I'm donating $1000 every month to people and organizations that I believe in.

Let me be clear: this is not about money. It's not even about whom you help.

#GiveBig is about going beyond what is comfortable to give generously.

It can mean giving your time, your resources, or your love. Whatever you have to give and want to share.

Why? Because:

[box type="none"]You have more to give than you realize.[/box]

Read that again.

Most of us wait until we have enough of something before we share it with others. Whether it's leftovers after a big dinner or money from your rainy day fund.

Truth is, you already have enough. More than enough.

Think about it. Right now, if you wanted a candy bar, if you needed five minutes to yourself, you could find it.

When you really want something you find the money, time and energy to do it. It might take some maneuvering of your budget and schedule, but when it's worth it to you, you make it happen.

So, find it. Now.

There is no reason to wait another moment. Someone needs and wants what you have to give. Make it happen.

There are two things at work here: Why you're saying no and Why you should say yes.

About that no.

If you keep waiting for enough, it'll never be enough.

Because enough is about fear. You are afraid it's not enough. And if it's not, then very bad things could happen.

Recognize the fear for what it is, and do it anyway.

Second: why you need to say yes.

When you believe you have more than enough, more magically appears to prove that you're right.

Yes, believe more, get more. Truly.

I've given my love generously, and anonymously, sending paper valentines, and given my time making Hug Tour stops to friends on a typical workday.

This year I wanted to go bigger. I chose a number that made my hand shake to write that check.

And look what happened when I did.

Before knowing that I had a check in my pocket with her name on it, the woman I gave my first #GiveBig told me that the church was running low on funds for their program.

She said they keep going, buying more food to feed the increasing number of people who come for breakfast and bagged lunches on Friday mornings, because a solution always arrives. You have to believe that it will.

How right she was.

How special it felt to be the person to prove that she's right.

Believe that you have more than enough, and believe that even more will arrive when you need it.

And it will.