Your inner Wonder Woman

She rocks. I know because I had some fun with mine this weekend and she mentioned you.

Who else had this killer outfit in the 70's?

If you did, remember what it felt like to wear it. Doing the signature Linda Carter twirls, pretending to fend off bullets and bad mojo with shining silver bracelets.

This picture brings it all back for me. The power I felt. The delight.

I'm giggling right now as a matter of fact.

How can you not while looking at this sassy super-girl?

She would be very impressed with what I did this weekend.

First, I had some chocolate. Then, as the sugar rush began, I thought: I so want to be twirling like Wonder Woman right now.

This video will show you what happened next.

It feels so good to be silly. Why not make a tinfoil Wonder Woman crown on a Sunday afternoon? What could be better than that?

I'll tell you, not much.

There are so many reasons to do it. Your sanity for one. I think we are all a little too grown up for our own good right now and need to twirl in the living room in our socks.

Second, we need to take back the image of Wonder Woman. As we aged, she morphed from the woman with a golden magic rope, to the woman who can do it all. Moms, I know you're with me on this.

After a while of being everything for everyone in our lives, who wants to be Wonder Woman anymore?

For five minutes, or a whole afternoon, forget about her. Play with the Wonder Woman you started out with. The one who flew in an invisible airplane with Those Boots. You remember.

Go on a giggle fest.

I did it, and loved every minute of it.