You choose Leap day

A day that only arrives every four years is really special. If you ask me, maybe too special.

Leap Day might have been when you decided that, no kidding, things are going to be different.

[box type="none"]I'm making a change, and it starts now.[/box]

If that moment arrived, awesome. I'm cheering wildly over here. Brass band, fireworks, the whole nine yards.

But if it didn't, that's cool too.

There is a lot of pressure on those special days to make something memorable happen. To make sweeping statements that sound big, and feel bigger to say out loud.

What's even more important, though, is to have your moment.

Your moment might happen while you're in the shower, or driving to work, on a typical day. It may be a whisper.

You'll know it's your moment by how it feels. Things suddenly click. You don't need a declaration or fireworks, because you just know and that's more than enough.

[box type="none"]I am changed.[/box]

The decisions after become easier, because the real work has already been done. You know what you want and that you're worth it.

You'll wonder years later how it all came together. So, it helps to remember your moment that made the rest of the steps fall into place.

When it does arrive—because it will—let me know.

I have the band on standby.