How will you spread love today?

It's #LoveFestFriday. NYC Love Fest Someone, okay all of us, need a little love to get through the day. Okay every day.


What can you give, online and off, to bring a smile to someone's face?


Ideas I'm hearing so far:

  • Giving flowers to a friend having a rough time.
  • Taking your parents out to dinner.
  • Sending just-because notes in the mail.
  • Listening like-you-mean-it.
  • "Taking an hour to breathe and enjoy my coffee at my local tea shop, then loving my family by cleaning the darn house!"


And of course, hugging! Speaking of, this elephant gets the #LoveFestFriday badge of honor (posted in our private Facebook group - Life-Lovers and Simply Leapers).

Hopefully that video inspires you to show the people in your life how much you care in the best way you know how.


How will YOU spread love today?


Tell me! Reply to this email, share in our Facebook community, or use the hashtag #LoveFestFriday on social media.

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