Inadvertent miracle-making

'Tis the season for  miracles—both the everyday and spiritual variety. I think it's time to get in on the action, don't you?

"Inadvertent miracle" is a new term for a technique I've employed for some time. It is a cross between stumbling upon a miracle while walking down the street, like you would a heads-up penny, and making a wish on that penny before tossing it into a fountain.

The order of these two events is reversed, however.

You are consciously aware of what you want—that wish—and you are also detached enough from the outcome to be delighted when it happens—the penny.

For example, I was hard at work on my coaching business last month, blogging, brainstorming new ideas and, frankly, worrying about how I would find new clients.

I was tired from all of this one afternoon and reluctantly took a nap. When I woke up, I had an email waiting for me from a new client who found me online.

The next day, to see if that was a fluke, I went for a walk during the afternoon, business hours when I'd normally be working away. I had a great time, fresh air, sunshine, and stopping by a bookstore to read a children's book for fun.

When I returned another email from a new coaching client and a new business opportunity to boot!

Yes, I put the work in to get these new opportunities, then I stopped and let what was going to happen, happen. In the meantime, ending the worry roller coaster, which clearly wasn't helping, and enjoying my day.

Sounds simple enough, you might think, but how do I want something and be disengaged at the same time?

The word "inadvertent" might give the impression of inaction, but in fact you have an important role in all of this. You are the miracle-maker.

Returning to the original analogy, making a miracle requires two things:

  • Your intention - what you want, as clearly and concisely stated as possible.
  • Letting go - allowing for the miracle to happen without preconceived expectations for how and when it'll come together.

This is the perfect time of year to test Inadvertent Miracles for yourself. Going home for the holidays? How do you want them to be? Set your intention while in the car, or walking through the door, then let it go and watch what happens.

You'll know it's working, if you're struck suddenly by things going differently than they ever have before. Laughter, genuine conversation, warmth and love and likely happening in ways you never would have imagined.

Just like that heads-up penny, a familiar path can always bring about delightful surprises.

Happy Holidays!