Patience, buttercup

[box type="none"]How do I leap if I don't know what will happen?[/box] Well, why do you think we call it a leap?

We all want a sure thing. To know that the big dream we have for ourselves will come together perfectly.

Not just that, though. We also want to know this in advance of going for it, and want to see the path to get there marked out clearly in front of us, like the yellow brick road.

Even Dorothy didn't know where the road would lead, only that she had to take it. 

I recognize that this isn't comforting when what you want is scary, the way to get there is unknown (likely, you think, filled with landmines) and there is a chance, however slim, that you could end up falling flat on your face.

Me saying those things isn't comforting either.

Since you asked, I'll tell you what I'd do.

Take one step.

I can assure you that when they are taken one at a time, the individual steps to go after your big dream are not scary.

In fact, they won't even seem like steps. They'll seem like going about your life, research, checking off your to-do list.

They will seem like steps toward your dream at two critical moments.

The second moment is after you're partway toward, or after you achieved, your dream. When you look back, you'll see all of the choices that added up to getting your new life.

Then you'll be high-fiving yourself all over the place.

The first time when you'll see these steps is before you begin.

When you're sitting on the fence deciding if now is the right time to move, if you know enough to take a chance, everything will look like the biggest step ever.

What I know:

Once you take it, you'll forget what you did and move onto the next thing. Soon, you'll be halfway to your goal and not even realize it.

Right this moment, it may feel daunting.

Please, please, take one step.

The smallest one you can think of counts more than you realize.