This valentine hug is for you

Remember when Valentine's Day was covered in red construction paper with chocolate splotched fingerprints and magic marker words?

If you're lucky, maybe one of those is on your refrigerator right now. 

Remember back to when those were your fingerprint splotches? How excited you were. How proud. How much unabashed love you had to share.

Seven years ago I started sharing written hugs with loved ones, and loved ones of loved ones. You need to know how well thought of, dreamed about, admired, respected and cherished you are by the people in your life. 

Let this valentine hug be a loving reminder of that.   

You are loved. Big time.

Sharing some of this year's valentines sent to friends and family to inspire you to get out there and HUG like you mean it in words, construction paper and with your arms wrapped tightly around us. We all need it.

Hugging you from over here. xoxo