You are loved

In recent days, I mailed 35 hand-drawn and cut-out paper hearts to unsuspecting recipients. No note, no return address. Simple love from a secret admirer.


I wanted them to know how loved they are, in every minute of every day. You need to know, too. 

Chances are, right this minute, there are people in your life who respect and love you for who you are. Too many to count, and some you don't even know yet.

(Yes, just like the Bridget Jones moment. Gets me every time.)

If your paper heart didn't arrive, don't despair. Consider this it.

I'm glad you're in my life. The smiles and laughter we share. Knowing that you're out there supporting and believing in me.

These little hearts say Right Back Atcha.

Next time you need a pick-me-up, remember these hearts. They stand for someone thinking you are the bees-knees as one of my recipients might say.

Better yet, share your heart with someone else. Tell them, and show them, that you love them just as they are.

That's what this holiday is all about.