What's the connection?

It's a year later and I realized that the Artistic Purpose I wrote for an art school application is really My Purpose.

You know that touchy-feely idea that we were each put on the Earth for some big reason. Here I thought that only the people who invented something or conquered an amazing feat were living their purposes.

But what if my purpose simply to Tell A Story, and to help others tell theirs. It's only been the last couple months that I've realized everything I do in my life is connected.

I keep coming back to the same thing—I love finding the story.

For life coaching, which I've just started getting the hang of, it's about helping people find their story under the layers they've hidden it, and then helping them tell it/show it/be it in whatever way is most natural for them.

For art, it's being quiet and letting the objects around speak to me. Drawing them out and, in the process, drawing them.

For PR, this means the strategy and articulation of what a company does, who they are and what they sell.

Pretty powerful stuff, this purpose of mine. I sleep a lot easier knowing it's been here all along.