My hug tour is your hug tour

Watched the news lately? Maybe you've seen me.

Or, more specifically my hug tour. I launched it in April to show the people I care about that I love them, and in turn encourage others to love the people in their lives.

A hug is a simple way to show you care.

To say I'm delighted by the response is an understatement.

"You like it? You really like it!" says it better.

Last week I was featured on WUSA9 in Washington, DC.

Since then, this news segment has appeared on Huffington Post's Good News, Tonic, and icanhascheezburger. I've also been interviewed about the hug tour by Play Goes Strong and The Washington Examiner.

I want to make my intention completely clear. 

My hug tour is a personal journey with a larger purpose. I want the people in my life to know they are important. To feel that they are loved, because they are.

I also hope that my actions encourage others to share love. As adults we can to be apprehensive, or just preoccupied, to show how we really feel.

And in answer to that, I say: It's time to hug like you really mean it.

This isn't about hugging strangers. It's about intentionally and generously loving the people in your life. A hug is the easiest way to do that.

I hope you'll go on your own hug tour. Become a hug tour ambassador. Give a thought to how you greet friends and family.

Whatever you do, do it with love.