Resolutions that work, really

You know you want to set some. I think it's in our DNA. Attaching your resolutions to your values makes them stick. Then, they are just to-do's that will bring you closer to what you really want for yourself.

My resolutions for 2012?

To remove try from my vocabulary and to take more naps.

The first one conjured up Yoda for some of you.

[box type="none"]Do or do not. There is no try.[/box]

Yoda is right.

I use the word try when I'm forcing myself to do something I'd rather not. In the process I end up making a lot of things work, even though they aren't working for me. Friendships, work, habits.

Whenever I hear myself say, "But I really tried!" or "I'm really trying!" I know that I'm exhausted. I've given all I can give with not enough to show for it.

I want someone to give me permission to stop. I want someone to acknowledge that I've done my best.

I could be that person.

Removing the word from my vocabulary means that if I feel the need to use it, I know what I'm setting myself up for and can make a different, and better, choice.

If I'm trying, do I really want to do it? Probably not.

My second resolution is obvious enough. I used to love napping. Love it. I couldn't wait for a sunny afternoon to fall asleep with my favorite blanket for a solid 1.5 hours.

I won't lie. Naptime is one of the reasons I was excited to work for myself. I could nap midday without apology.

For whatever reason, naps haven't happened much in the last two years and I can see the change. A little more cranky, a little less creative.

After all, my best ideas come during the half-awake moments right before or after a good nap. So, here's hoping in 2012 that I can get it back.

Now, these resolutions by themselves are fine. Do-able. For about three weeks. 

I could write them down, remind myself regularly, but after a while I'm just going to lose interest.

What would it be like to attach these to my values? Here:

More than naps or to stop trying, I want to be more happy.

When I'm doing things I want to do, like napping, I appreciate the littlest things. I take more walks. I swing at the local playground. I giggle because it's fun. I am happy.

So in 2012, I want to be more happy. How that takes shape throughout the year will change. How it starts in January is by me taking more naps and noticing when I use the word try.

What is your focus for 2012, and what will you do to get it?