Their leaps, your inspiration

What an amazing year it's been.

Thanks to changing the story of my life, my Hug Tour, and in large part to the smart, driven, and sometimes silly (I wouldn't have it any other way) individual clients and businesses I've worked with this year.

Looking for inspiration to take a leap in 2012?

It's their 2011 successes that you need to hear about:

Lola Pyne realized that, "We don't have to relegate the things that bring us joy to just 'hobbies.' We can pursue such passions knowing that the joy they bring us can be shared."

She launched JINGA Dance Fitness earlier this year out of her love for dance as an adult, and now is hosting a Holiday Dance-Fitness Party & Toy Drive to support victims of child abuse on December 18 in DC. Info here.

Kerry Jo Richards firmly established herself as an evangelist in the education-technology industry with a successful blog Do You #EDU?, consulting work and a presence at this fall's Educause conference.

The really amazing thing is that [coaching] helped me confront some of my mental junk and do things that seemed so scary before.

Brian Proffitt, a successful and sought-after technology writer, set his sights this year on expanding his consulting and writing business.

By focusing specifically on addressing small business technology needs, he's grown both. He recently completed a book on social media for PeachPit Press/PayPal with an outstanding offer to do another business technology book for PeachPit in the coming months. "I have also attained more notice with my small business column for Dun and Bradstreet's, and retained the upcoming opportunity to revise Take Your iPad to Work for Cengage this Spring."

I still, tragically, have an aversion to hugs.

It's lucky that he lives out of town.

Watch out Brian, because my #hugtour has expanded. There are Hug Tour Ambassadors in 12 states, with a hug tour happening right now in China thanks to ambassador Amy Throndsen!

Kate Jordan had a big year in 2011, giving birth to her second child and committing to her writing practice virtually at the same time. Starting out with five hours a week of writing and kicking it up a notch to 10 hours each week a few months later when she got acclimated to her new mommy schedule.

Kate proves that it is possible to write regularly, commit to something for yourself, and be a mom!

Leslie Lee, with Early Childhood Community Services, discovered through coaching, "a new way of listening and asking questions that really pulls out the necessary and pertinent information my clients already know but have not yet discovered."

I am now able to champion our work and be an advocate for early childhood providers in a way that allows them to advocate for themselves, their employees, and most importantly the children and families they serve.

Nailah Blades had been working towards full-time entrepreneurship for three years.

I started working with Lauree to help me pinpoint my goal and outline the steps to achieve it. In September of this year I made the leap from working my day job to being a full-time life and career coach!

She serves 20-something women driven to make big goals happen. Oh and she scaled a mountain this year too.

She's not the only one. Ching-Hua Chen-Ritzo is a mountain scaler personally and professionally. It's not easy keeping up with her!

My personal definition of success has never been clearer: To live my life in accordance with my values.

She continues, "This year, I've rekindled my passion for climbing, discovered a new passion for orienteering, and am about to embark upon a challenging, international assignment for IBM in Singapore."

Stephanie Vessely changed careers this year, creating a vision for the kind of day she wanted to have at work and finding it. She explored how to give back in a larger way to an issue important to her, animal safety, by going vegan, blogging, volunteering at animal rescues and playing with her meowing roommate.

Stephanie speaks to what many of my clients accomplished this year:

"Embedded in all of that is learning to trust - both myself and the present moment. Whether it's deciding if a job is right for me, a relationship, or how I want to spend my time, I've learned to take care of my needs instead of bowing to others' expectations, and am working on understanding that I'm exactly where I need to be."


Thank you for your drive to go after big things, your willingness to be uncomfortable when it's not yet clear which way to go, and your inspiration when you look back at what you've accomplished with pride.

This is meant for clients and readers alike, because the same is true for you.

It's been an honor to be along for the ride.