Riding the holiday roller coaster

Let's just say it. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year can be treacherous.

It is still my favorite time of year. The twinkling lights alone put an instant smile on my face.

And two words:  Burl Ives.

The joy and beauty of this season, though, can also bring up some tough stuff. The memories of holidays past, the hurt of missing someone special.

Maybe it's growing older, or the pressure of everything-must-be-perfect during this most perfect season.

Whatever the reason, in the midst of the well wishes you're receiving I am sending a little "I know how you feel."

Because the one thing it seems like we can't do right now is express how we really feel.

It's all happiness and light, or else you are the Debbie Downer of this year's holiday spectacular.

So right now, between us, know that you're not the only one putting on a brave face.

It's OK to take that quiet moment to yourself if you need it.

In fact, please take it. Eat a raw vegetable too.

If you take good care of yourself, your face may need to be less brave.

It is my wildest wish that you are the recipient of delightful surprises. Holiday magic.

Keep an eye out for miracles. They do happen.

And please give yourself a hug for me.

Much love...