Simply Leap's shiny new home

You're invited to the housewarming! 

This is a big year for Simply Leap. Our tenth anniversary! I think it's traditionally aluminum, but a new home with pretty modern furnishings feels like the right kind of celebration to start our next decade together.

It is a thrill to welcome you to the new Please step inside, pick up a sparkling beverage and take a peek around.

The process of building this website felt similar to picking out new countertops and paint colors. For months I have dreamed of how you might feel crossing the threshold and now the day has finally arrived. I can't wait to hear what you think! 

Just as you get to know someone better by seeing where they live, it is my sincere wish that this website helps us get to know one another better. 

A long-time client and friend once said, "You see people and you love them." It's true. No matter how our paths originally crossed, or how often we have connected since then, I see you. How dedicated you are to doing good work, and to being the one who everyone can count on. Let this be a space for your dreams, questions, worries, and celebratory dance parties! A space for you to hear your own voice and to figure out what you really want. I'm here to listen, as are a growing and vibrant community of Life Lovers and Leapers!!   

Of course with any housewarming comes the Grand Tour. Some of my favorite fixtures and features:

  • Get Started button. On the Homepage and a few others, this button allows you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. If you've been wanting to figure out what's next for a while, this could give you just the clarity you need to get going.
  • Videos. You'll see them in the sidebar of the About and Speaking pages.
  • Navigation on the Blog. There is a list of your fellow Leapers' favorite topics, and a Search bar so you can find exactly what you're looking for or discover something new!
  • The brand new Hug Wall. A smile-inducing scroll through happy hugginess. Have your own hug photos? Let's get them up there! 

If you're not already on my mailing list, be sure to sign up here. When you do, you'll receive a free excerpt from my book, I'm scared & doing it anyway, and a personal invitation to join my private Facebook community. PLUS you'll be the first to hear details about my new-new-new book coming this fall!

Now it's your turn::: What do you think of the new place?! Please share what stands out to you, and what other elements you want to see as we put the finishing touches on it.  

Thanks for helping me settle in...and Cheers! [clinks glass]